Writing Articles Offer

If you have writing skills and you are able to write a 1000-1500 words article about NURSING TEST BANKS for us, we will give you $50 in return.

The article should highlight these three points

  1. What are nursing test banks?
  2. The pros and cons of buying or using test banks?
  3. Who should buy those test banks and why?


Payments will be sent via PayPal within 12 hours after receving the article.


  1. You should deliver the article within 5 days after submitting your email.
  2. We may publish the article on our website or other related nursing websites.
  3. The author’s name (your name) will not be shown anywhere. Instead, our website name will be shown.
  4. We may modify the article before posting it.
  5. You can use your own style of writing.
  6. This is a very limited offer and we will stop it once we reach the number of articles we want.
  7. You can apply for this offer one time only.


  1. Enter your email in the form below.
  2. Start writing the article in a text or doc file.
  3. Send the article to nursetb2020@gmail.com.
  4. You will receive your payment within 12 hours.

If you have any questions concerns, please contact us at nursetb2020@gmail.com > Subject: Nursing Test Banks Article.

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